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Adelaide Gelnails BIAB

Nail Tech Training Course.

Adelaide Gelnails BIAB Nail Tech Training Course.

● Gelnails Master Class -  $3990 ,  4 weeks of special training for beginners (Kit included)


 Korean style gel nails, nailcare, Builder gel(BIAB),E-files,Gel extension(Gel X), you can learn everything about basic nail skills.

1~2 Class days a week with the student kit, and live model practice once a week. You can bring your friends and family for you to practice your new skills on.

Even if it's not class time, you can always visit TheBornBeauty to practice, try all of our products, and get feedback on your work.

Are you worried about what products you're going to buy? Are you worried about which tools to use? Try and decide on various Korean gel products and tools.

You will receive a certificate of course completion from TheBornBeauty and get 3 months of feedback even after the course is over.

Are you preparing to open a home base nail salon?

You should be able to do it when you're done with the whole process.  

How to interact with customers?

We share photos and materials that TheBornBeauty actually uses. You can use them yourself.

Are you worried about social media ads, photo video editing?

We teach you not only about gel nails, but everything for your small business.

You don't have to go to Korea to learn Korean style gel nail skills.​

A two-week course is also available. Please contact us.


Do you want to upgrade your nail skills?
● E-files & Nailcare ONE DAY TRAINING -  $890(Kit included)

●Korean Style Gel Nails & Builder gel & Overlay ONE DAY TRAINING -  $890(Kit included)


If you have any questions or enroll  for the course, please contact me

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