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Cosmetic Tattoo certified, registered ,
Public liability&Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I don't use a machine.
I only make eyebrows tattoo with my hands and micro needles.

Eyebrows Cosmetictattoo


[Microblading - Embo(embroidery)  Eyebrows]
Natural eyebrows that fill each eyebrow with lines


[Ombre (powder)  Eyebrows] 
Makeup-like gradation eyebrows filled with only colors without lines


[3D Eyebrows/Combo eyebrows] 

Both natural and shadow techniques are treated at the same time, so the advantages of the two procedures can be added.
It is a high-quality procedure that requires a lot of experience and know-how.
It adds a three-dimensional effect by creating natural light and shade while carefully emphasizing the texture of eyebrows.
The satisfaction level after the procedure is very high.

Please check first if you are the suitable customer.

Not available: 

Skin cancer, leukemia, hemophilia,  heart disease, stroke,pregnant woman,liver disease

High blood pressure,AIDS, hypertension, chemical allergy,  keloid skin, herpes labialis
We cannot provide services to customers who have any medical problems such as this.

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