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How to make a booking..

Feel free to email or text me if you are confused or have any questions to make a booking.

Q. What is the difference between basic nail service and premium nail service?


Basic gel nail :Nail care(Not cuticle removal) + Base gel + Builder gel + Color gel + Top gel

(recommended for healthy nails.)

Premium gel nail : Nail care (cuticle removal) + Base gel + Builder gel + Color gel + Clear gel overlay+ Top gel

(recommended for weak nails and damaged nails.)

It's the difference between

the cuticle removal. 

Clean around cuticles and make nails look longer and gel nails last longer.

The clear gel overlay can harden your nails and make the surface of your nails more beautiful.

Premium nails services includes clear gel overlay and 1 glitter addition.

Both services use the same Korean gel products of high quality.


Q. Premium Gel Nails, Premium Pedicure Gel Service includes nail art or extensions? 

A. No. Basic and premium gel nail services don't include it. Please make an extra service booking.

Q.How do I book multiple services at the same time?

A. Select the services you want and choose the date and time.

Q.How do I enter a 10% discount code for my first visit?

A.Don't have to type it in, just leave it as your first visit on the memo.

Q.How do I change my booking?

A. Please check the available date and time on the website first then

e-mail me or text me.

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