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Korean Style Nail Services

It's a Korean style nail service. No Acrylic, No SNSIt's a little different from the nail service you knew.Minimize damage to natural nails and use soft gel.Most of the products and colors are from Korea.The tools used are also thoroughly disinfected and hygienic. I promise to take care of your nails in a healthy and beautiful way with high quality and the best product. Experience nail art in various designs!

From simple nail art design to fancy nail art design, we have many designs that you want. If there is a design you want, please send me a picture in advance.The price of nail art varies depending on the design.

Experience advanced techniques of nail service!

Nail care cleans the cuticle line. Also, using a builder gel (Biab gel) does not break or fold your nails easily. It's a soft gel, but it makes your nails very strong.

Use a drill, but minimize nail damage. Avoid damage to natural nails as much as possible to maintain healthy nails.

Korean Style Gelnails in Adelaide!

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