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Korean Style Gelnails 


It's a Korean style nailcare, nailart service in Adelaide.
We take care of natural nails and don't use acrylic.

Shape,cuticle removal Including,
base gel use of high quality products, use only high quality products good for nails. Although it is a natural nail, it is finished with as hard and complete as acrylic.
The tools used are also thoroughly disinfected and hygienic.

Korean Style Nailart 


Special nailart that you have never experienced.
Make beautiful nail art with long experience and skilled.
Many nail art designs and various nail art materials are available.Use only real Swarovski.

The amount varies from design to design.

   Special Nailcare


This is a special nail care that we manage with LCN Resin Gel in Germany.  It is a special skill that has completed the formal curriculum of LCN in Germany. This service manages damaged nails with non-toxic resins due to torn nails, biting nails, frequent or incorrect nail care.

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