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Korean Style Gel nails (BIAB)

It's a Korean style gel nail service. No Acrylic, No SNS.

It's a little different from other nail services, such as acrylic and SNS. 


Our service minimizes damage to natural nails by using soft gel. Most of the products and colors are from Korea. New gel products are regularly stocked directly from Korea.


We keep our tools hygienic and clean at all times.

Experience nail art in various designs!

From simple nail art designs such as French nails or Ombre to fancy nail art designs like painting and Swarovski stones, we have many designs that you want. If there is a design you want, please send me a picture in advance.

Experience advanced techniques of nail service!

We begin our service with nail and cuticle care. We clean and prepare the nails and the cuticle line. Also, using a builder gel (Biab) does not break or fold your nails easily. It's a soft gel, but it makes your nails very strong.

During nail preparation, we use a drill, but minimize nail damage. We avoid damage to natural nails as much as possible to maintain healthy nails.

Korean Style Gel nails in Adelaide!

What is a builder gel? (BIAB)
Normal gel nails are applied in 3 stages:
base gel, color gel, and top gel.
TheBornBeauty  uses builder gel in between the base and color layers.
While the gel itself is soft, it is very helpful for weak or damaged nails because it is durable and resists bending and breaking.
We also use a clear gel before the top gel to strengthen and shine the nail.
The retention depends on how you do aftercare.
Usually, my clients can keep gel nails for 4 weeks. It can last more than 4 weeks, but I recommend my clients visit every 4 weeks. (If you want short nails, I recommend 3 weeks.)


Can I continue to get gel nails without any break ?

We use various gel products and the product we use depends on your nail condition. You can continue to grow your natural nails, so you can have beautiful gel nails while maintaining your natural nails as much as possible. In addition, when removing gel nails, we remove them as carefully as possible to prevent damage to natural nails.

My regular clients regularly have gel nails without a break.


and private 
reclining beauty chair 


Have you ever thought about having gel nails in a recliner chair?

We use a fully automatic reclining beauty chair that reclines all the way to lying flat, allowing you to lay back, put your feet up, and enjoy your own time while we serve you. You could even sit back and watch Netflix!

Have you ever thought about having gel nails in a recliner chair?

You don't have to sit in a chair with back pain anymore.

Sit back and watch Netflix!

Luxury, Private, Enjoy Your Own Time.

In the meantime, you will have beautiful gel nails.


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